Conference Agenda

Paper Session Program


Best Paper Candidates Session​ (Monday 6 May, 12h00-14h00)

  • István András Seres, László Gulyás, Dániel A. Nagy and Péter Burcsi. Topological Analysis of Bitcoin's Lightning Network

  • Kostis Karantias, Aggelos Kiayias and Dionysis Zindros. Storage of Superblocks for NIPoPoW Applications

  • Richard Gardner, Philipp Reinecke and Katinka Wolter. Performance of Tip Selection Schemes in DAG Blockchains

  • Nikos Leonardos, Stefanos Leonardos and Georgios Piliouras. Oceanic Games: Centralization Risks and Incentives in Blockchain Mining

Paper Session: Cryptoassets (Tuesday 7 May, 10h00-11h35)

  • Stamatis Papangelou. Digital Currencies: A Multivariate GARCH Approach

  • Aikaterini Koutsouri, Francesco Poli, Elise Alfieri, Michael Petch, Walter Distaso and William Knottenbelt. Balancing Cryptoassets and Gold: A Weighted-Risk-Contribution Index for the Alternative Asset Space

  • Emmanouil Christoforou, Ioannis Emiris and Apostolos Florakis. Neural Networks for Cryptocurrency Evaluation and Price Fluctuation Forecasting

  • Luis Montesdeoca and Mahesan Niranjan. On Comparing the Influences of Exogenous Information on Bitcoin Prices and Stock Index Values (Short Paper)

Paper Session: Incentives (Wednesday 8 May, 10h00-11h40)

  • Sam Werner and Daniel Perez. PoolSim: A Discrete-Event Mining Pool Simulation Framework

  • Paul Merrill, Thomas Austin, Justin Rietz and Jon Pearce. Token Locking for Governance

  • Arinjita Paul, Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn and Chandrasekaran Pandurangan. Smart Contract-driven Mechanism Design to Mitigate Information Diffusion in Social Networks

  • Oguzhan Ersoy, Zekeriya Erkin and Reginald Lagendijk. Decentralized Incentive-compatible and Sybil-proof Transaction Advertisement

Paper Session: Security (Thursday 9 May, 10h00-11h30)

  • Dragos Ioan Ilie, William Knottenbelt and Iain Stewart. Committing to Quantum Resistance, Better: A Speed-and-Risk-Configurable Defence for Bitcoin against a Fast Quantum Computing Attack

  • Subhasis Thakur and John Breslin. Collusion Attack from Hubs in the Blockchain Offline Channel Network 

  • S. Sharmila Deva Selvi S, Arinjita Paul, Siva Dirisala, Saswata Basu and Chandrasekaran Pandurangan. Sharing of Encrypted files in Block Chain Made Simpler

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